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Reworking of jewellery by Helen Burrell into new and original designs

A beautiful orange sapphire and diamond ring.

One of my most recent commissions has been to organize the creation of an orange sapphire and diamond ring for my client…..
this involved a large amount of careful stone setting and the sourcing of some very special stones, I have an excellent stone supplier, and my setter Craig is a
a master of intricate work like this and sets stunning pieces of aspirational jewellery like this for my clients.

orange sapphires and  Gvs quality diamond ring replica
The finished piece.
My thanks and best wishes go to my client for this special commission .
This is a ‘one off’ piece only, but is illustrating the high standard of work I can have made up for you if you wish to commission something special.
Most designs can be produced and if you have something special in mind please feel free to contact me.
01509 239348.

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A new gold ring decorated with my clients’ butterfly earrings

A new gold ring, this is a commission just completed, and shows how earrings, for example, can be re-used, and by being reworked can give jewellery a new life in a form more likely to be worn.
This is a one off original by Helen Burrell.
My client asked me to create a ring for her using these butterfly earrings you can see below as decoration. I designed a garden theme first depicting ivy leaves and berries. and then placed the butterflies on the leaves as though they were basking in the sun.

Many thanks to my client for the opportunity to design this piece and I hope she has great enjoyment in wearing it.

If you like the idea of reviving jewellery into a new form you can have your jewellery reworked too . Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.
tel. 01509 239348

Butterfly earrings brought to me by my client, to be redesigned into details on a new ring.

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Handmade silver Bracelet designed and created by Helen Burrell ©

Handmade silver Bracelet designed and created by Helen Burrell ©
This was a commissioned piece handmade for a lady who loves hares, she asked me to design a piece of jewellery for her, and together we came up with this idea.


She has very kindly sent me this testimonial:-

I went to see Helen as I had seen her work when I was browsing on the internet for local jewellery designers and it really inspired me. I had in my mind a bracelet that captured the essence of myself and my husband. One of our favourite things to do is to go walking in the countryside as we are both nature lovers. I have a fascination with hares and my husband has an interest in birds. When I discussed this with Helen she came up with the idea of creating a silver bracelet that looked like a fence with a hare running through the middle of it. I also asked her to incorporate an odd diamond that I had and also I wanted to use some of the gold in a ring that belonged to my gran.
It wasn’t long until Helen emailed me a picture that she had drawn of the bracelet as she imagined it. It was at this point that I knew Helen was the right jewellery designer for me!
The finished bracelet is exquisite and I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. The bracelet captures everything I wanted and more, from the gorgeous hare running through the middle of it to the tiny birds nest with a tiny gold egg nestling in it. Helen is not only a lovely lady but an extremely professional person who interpreted my thoughts really well and created a bracelet I am very proud to wear.
I am enjoying the bracelet very much- I will be saving my pennies up for another fabulous creation!!

Close up of the hare and diamond detail .

My thanks to Jane for the commission, and of course the lovely testimonial.

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Sea Breeze Necklace ©

Sea Breeze Necklace
designed and handmade by Helen Burrell©
This Necklace was commissioned as a memorial piece, -and is an original,

After consultation with my client we agreed I would present the wedding ring and engagement ring in a new way, so I designed this piece by reworking the rings into detailed features within the design.
The idea for the necklace was based on the form of blown waves in a high breeze, small beads catch the light, like sea spray, to give it extra sparkle,
a theme such as this, can inspire beautiful designs.


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Enhanced Jewellery

This is an example where my customer brought me her eternity ring, a locket and a cross.

I made the necklace up reflecting her love of butterflies, iris leaves, and waterfalls, by working around the pieces to present them in a different way, without altering the original jewellery.

Enhanced Jewellery

Enhanced Jewellery

Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to order an item of enhanced jewellery.

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