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Commissions undertaken by Helen Burrell include jewellery design, reworking gold, lifestyle necklaces and holistic jewellery

wave on the beach ring, sapphire and diamond ©

wave on the beach ring set with a sapphire and a gvs quality diamond.

helen burrell design

wave on the beach ring

This design can be recreated in any precious metal, with your own choice of stones. please feel free to enquire. tel. 01509 239348
One currently in stock £295.00 size ‘R’, (can be altered to your size if required).
Other stones, such as topaz,garnet,tourmaline,or citrines for example would bring the cost of the ring down to approximately £225.00
If purchased as an engagement ring I can design a wedding ring to go with it for you.

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Life story necklace ©

This was a lovely commission to have been given, my client kindly trusted me with her family pieces of gold to transform into new details such as forget-me-not flowers, a rose, oak leaves and clover leaves. other features were a nestling rabbit, an owl flying, and an orange coloured citrine set as a feature stone to remind her of a special sunset………



I specialize in these necklaces and if you look on the ‘holistic jewellery and the ‘life story’ sections of the website you will see how different they all are. please contact me if you would like your story told in the form of a necklace or bracelet…
TEL:- 01509 239348

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silver cat pendant ©

silver cat pendant

silver cat pendant

This Silver cat pendant was a recent commission, the design depicts a cat staring at a beautiful Sapphire suspended from the branches of a tree.
The cat also has a small gold bead on his collar to look like a bell.

I am happy to depict other animals if you like them in varied forms as jewellery, please feel free to enquire.
I also have ready made silver stick pins with dolphins leaping on one and various brooches for sale otherwise one being a gorilla and another a chimpanzee.
As bird jewellery I have a Heron, and a Grebe in bull-rushes which are brooches , but could be converted to stick pins.
These items retail at £65.00 each and are solid silver.

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Opal pendant ©

This beautiful opal pendant was set simply in 9ct white gold with a 3mm gvs quality diamond, on a 9ct Figaro style chain.

opal pendant

opal pendant

If you have a special stone you would like set then please feel free to contact me . I also supply special opals, or any precious stones you may require, according to your budget, for pendants rings etc.
contact me on :- 01509 239348

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Hare staring at the moon, belly bar pendant. ©

This was an unusual commission depicting a hare staring at the moon, which I enjoyed making, it was created in 9ct yellow gold, with a tiny diamond flush set in it for the hares’ eye, and a ruby as feature pendant at the base .
Soon after it had been sent off to my client I received this testimonial:-

“I contacted Helen with a general idea for a slightly unusual piece of body jewelry to use in place of an engagement ring for someone who cannot wear rings. I had a vague idea about what kind of thing I wanted and from the moment Helen showed me a rough sketch of the design she had in mind, I knew that she was the right person for the job. Helen stayed in close touch throughout the creation of the piece and when I finally got to see it in person it was even better than I had hoped.
My fiance was over the moon to receive it.”

(My thanks to my client for the chance to make such an interesting piece,:) – Helen)

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Conflict free diamonds

I can now confirm that my supplier for diamonds does comply with the Kimberley protocols for diamond purchases. Information about the Kimberley process can be found on this link:-
On my request for confirmation of Conflict free diamonds, this is the reply I received as a guarantee :-
22nd July 2013
‘In 2000 we issued the following guarantee to our customers.
“We can confirm that this Company does not knowingly buy conflict diamonds.
Our stones are only sourced from reputable established companies based in the major international diamond centres who have provided us with similar assurances.”

In 2002 we subsequently issued assurances that:
1. All our diamonds are sold in accordance with the DTC Best Practice Principles.
2. No diamonds have been purchased in breach of UN resolutions nos. 1173, 1176 and 1306.
3. The intake of diamonds being purchased by us and being sold by us does not include any diamonds that have come from any area in Africa controlled by forces rebelling against the legitimate and internationally recognised government of the relevant country.
We have also obtained from our suppliers a guarantee in relation to such diamonds in a similar form.
Since 1st January 2003 the warranty agreed by the BJA has appeared on all our invoices.

I can therefore now supply you with certificated and uncertificated stones from this source, in the knowledge that they are ethically sourced for your Engagement or Dress ring commissions etc.
Certificated stones are generally over one carat in weight, unless the stone is of exceptional quality in a smaller size.
This is an image of rings created by me, to commission, using stones supplied from this company and include some which my customer already had.
18ct white gold rings cropped

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Have your special rings designed and hand made by me


9ct Gold Ivy Leaf Ring  £250.00

(silver versions £95.00)

I have one in stock of each at the moment. (April 2015)
P1050297If you would like to have something original designed for your special day then you can have your special rings designed and hand made by me.
Please feel free to come and see me to discuss your requirements.
I am just beginning to create new designs that will be suitable for an unusual wedding ring and these will be added to over time , an example is this ivy leaf ring, created to sit next to a solitaire ring, the small v shape will accommodate the stone, but the ivy leaves give a new natural feel to the idea of a wedding band.
I have a mould of this ring so it can be created for you in silver, white or yellow 9ct and 18ct Gold or platinum.

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opal jewellery

opal jewellery

This opal jewellery was a commission for me to make a new link for an existing opal and gold bracelet, and to make a matching pendant to go with it.
It was then set with my customers own beautiful opal.

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Silver moon and bamboo necklace ©

Silver moon and bamboo necklace
This ‘Helen Burrell’ original has been designed for a special occasion or as a feature necklace for a wedding.
set with solid turquoise and topaz and was inspired by a garden scene by moonlight.

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9ct white gold Octagonal ring ©

9ct white gold Octagonal ring
This ring was a commission inspired by one of my tessellating rings,
( the double pear ring)
My customer and her husband designed it, and we decided that in a white gold ring a tanzanite and two pink sapphires, with detail white sapphires between would look lovely.
This is now one of my range and can be ordered in any metal with any precious stones of your choice.

the octagonal ring

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