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Necklaces by Helen Burrell for sale.

A New necklace commission-Ruby wedding gift


A ruby wedding gift rubyThis was a very special commission where I worked with my client to create a unique necklace for her with matching earrings for her ruby wedding, a gift from her husband.

The design expressed ideas based on her own paintings and her love of nature combined .

My thanks for their confidence in me, it was a lovely piece to make, diamonds were also set in the piece for accents of light and detail.

If you, like me, aspire to have something different when you want to celebrate an occasion both in choosing clothes and jewellery for it,- then commissioning  a statement piece may be just what you need to make it special and lasting.

My creations are timeless in design and are also investments being  wrought from  precious metals and set with precious stones.

All of my necklaces are different and designed especially for you ,

please feel free to enquire ,   you can call me on :- 01509 239348

I look forward to hearing from you soon


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Life story necklace ©

This was a lovely commission to have been given, my client kindly trusted me with her family pieces of gold to transform into new details such as forget-me-not flowers, a rose, oak leaves and clover leaves. other features were a nestling rabbit, an owl flying, and an orange coloured citrine set as a feature stone to remind her of a special sunset………



I specialize in these necklaces and if you look on the ‘holistic jewellery and the ‘life story’ sections of the website you will see how different they all are. please contact me if you would like your story told in the form of a necklace or bracelet…
TEL:- 01509 239348

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Silver moon and bamboo necklace ©

Silver moon and bamboo necklace
This ‘Helen Burrell’ original has been designed for a special occasion or as a feature necklace for a wedding.
set with solid turquoise and topaz and was inspired by a garden scene by moonlight.

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Life story necklace © another ‘helen burrell’ original design

My clients Life Story necklace
As a follow on form my previous post my client has very kindly sent me this testimonial :-
‘I first met Helen and saw her beautiful jewellery on a visit to her shop at Melbourne.
I loved the idea of using some of the jewellery my Mum had left me which had sentimental value but was not to my own taste.
I decided to have a special necklace made and wanted it to be a symbolic representation of happy memories, family friends and even pets!
After discussing my own thoughts with my husband and grandson Joseph, I met with Helen to discuss how my ideas could be incorporated into a necklace.
Helen then produced a beautiful design, which was perfect.
I must admit I was nervous when the day arrived to collect it, but my nerves were needless.
My necklace is absolutely stunning, I was overwhelmed! it was gorgeous, it reminds me of my Mum and Dad and all things precious to me, and of course it is unique.
I know for sure my Mum would have loved it,
I’ve had a lovely , happy and positive experience thanks to Helen’s incredible talent, patience and her eye for detail.

I loved making it for you, and am thrilled that you love it too, thank you very much for the commission.

Life story necklace an original design by helen burrell

Life story necklace


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Hedgerow Necklace ©

Hedgerow Necklace created in 9ct Gold and set with Diamonds,
Designed and created by Helen Burrell© , the leaf forms and every part of this unique necklace were all hand made and are intertwined with each other
and sprinkled with diamonds in bezel settings to symbolise water droplets.

9ct gold and diamond commissioned piece.

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Silver frog

Hand made by HelenBurrell © (now sold)
Silver frog necklace with gold goldfish (18ct gold) swimming under lily pad, -necklace is threaded with crackle quartz beads to represent water.
similar themes can be created, please feel free to enquire.


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Silver Frog necklace detail,-made by Helen Burrell ©

Detail from my Silver Frog Necklace, I have the mould of this ‘mini’ sculpture so it can be reproduced as a feature, or detail,  in various designs.

You can have it cast in the metal of your choice,  and it could be designed into themed bangles  or necklaces etc, in many different designs.

I have made two different versions of the frog necklace so far,  the first being ‘frog on a lily pad’ which is illustrated below and the second is ‘frog with a goldfish,’ which is also for sale and shown in this section.


Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to order anything on the theme of these items.

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Silver frog on a lily pad necklace

This May issue of vogue features my Silver frog on a lily pad necklace as seen below:-
Hand made by HelenBurrell©
May edition cover

I modelled this Silver frog in wax and had him cast, and now have a mould of him, to work into various new necklaces, brooches or bracelet designs, each one an original.
This one depicts the frog with his feet next to the lily flower, which I have chosen to make in 9ct gold. The necklace is in a lovely combination of stones being amethyst and green agate, with a silver caribena clasp.
I have this necklace, a bracelet and a pair of three bead drop earrings for sale to make up a set. £450.00 for the set.


Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to order any of these items

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Sea Breeze Necklace ©

Sea Breeze Necklace
designed and handmade by Helen Burrell©
This Necklace was commissioned as a memorial piece, -and is an original,

After consultation with my client we agreed I would present the wedding ring and engagement ring in a new way, so I designed this piece by reworking the rings into detailed features within the design.
The idea for the necklace was based on the form of blown waves in a high breeze, small beads catch the light, like sea spray, to give it extra sparkle,
a theme such as this, can inspire beautiful designs.


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