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Keeping up to date with Helen Burrell

email notification

please note the best email to reach me on for any enquiries  is 

My apologies if anyone had been trying to reach me ,but there have been some technical difficulties recently with the            email, which I am trying to correct.

Thank you

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my son josh burrell is a traditional tool maker

you can contact josh o:-  01509 646444

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CAD bespoke ring

CAD bespoke ring

I can now offer a ‘Computer aided design’ bespoke  service , this can be very useful if you have family jewellery that is in an old mount that is worn or doesn’t suit your style, or if you have purchased a special stone while on holiday , the design  below illustrates the CAD drawing that was created to show how my clients family stones would be set, and the finished ring is pictured next to it  , this was her very kind testimonial

‘Simply Brilliant.
We approached Helen with diamonds I had inherited over time from very close family, we wanted the most perfect and unique engagement ring , I gave her my ideas and she then found the best people for the job. Her service is personal from beginning to end, she’s honest and let’s you know exactly what she can do and where she involves others. We picked up the ring 2 days ago and I swear I saw a tear in her eye as she gave it us, the ring is stunningly beautiful and has so many personal memories embedded into it.
I have left her with my final diamond now to design and create my wedding necklace , I know I won’t be disappointed !
We cannot rate her highly enough , whatever you want she will go the extra mile for you , I don’t believe it’s just a business to Her, it’s her Passion.’
Thank you Helen .

My thanks to my lovely client , I am happy that you are so happy !


Please feel free to contact me if you have a special project in mind,

01509 239348

CAD bespoke ring

CAD bespoke ring

platinum CAD designed bespoke ring

platinum CAD designed bespoke ring

platinum CAD bespoke ring

platinum CAD bespoke ring

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bespoke necklaces created to order by helen burrell

bespoke necklaces created to order by helen burrell

bespoke necklaces created to order

bespoke necklaces created to order

One of my main areas of work is to create ‘one off’ bespoke special pieces in the form of necklaces or bracelets, and even rings have been made, which have significance in terms of the themes they represent.


I have recently finished one, based on ‘a walk in derbyshire’ which had great significance for my client….

These pieces can be either relating to memories my clients may have, such as a holiday they remember or a special place or person perhaps…

I work with them to create a unique piece of jewellery which will serve to be worn in their lifetime, but can then be passed on as an heirloom later .

The one shown here is one of my own ‘Four seasons’ necklaces…

this one is based on ‘Winter’ as the theme. I can include my clients’ own valuable and sentimental items of family jewellery if if they choose to do so, as often these pieces are of great importance but are just left in a draw even though they mean so much to my clients, this way they can be revived into something to be worn again and appreciated.

If you would like to discuss your special piece please feel free to call me on 01509 239348

Helen 🙂

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tanzanite and 18ct rose gold ring-helen burrell goldsmith

tanzanite and 18ct rose gold ring

I was asked by my client to source a beautiful tanzanite for her, to have set in a simple four claw 18ct rose gold ring, I was able to show her a selection of stones and this was the one she chose, it has made a wonderful ring .

tanzanite and 18ct rose gold ring

beautiful tanzanite and 18ct rose gold ring

My thanks to her for this lovely commission .

I work with my contacts in the trade to find the best stones for each of my clients based on their requirements, this way they can have a particular stone of their own choice to suit the special designs that I am commissioned to create.

tanzanite and 18ct rose gold  studs

Later on in the year, she requested that I  source a pair of  tanzanite stones for her to make into 18ct rose gold studs to match                                                                                              the ring……it has made a beautiful set.

tanzanite and 18ct rose gold studs

tanzanite and 18ct rose gold studs


Call me if you have something in mind, and we can work together to make something special for you too.

Helen       01509 239348

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Commissions- rose gold ring

Commissions – rose gold ring set simply with a beautiful topaz, the warm colour of the gold  truly complements the blue of the stone in this ring , other styles of ring can be created to order in rose gold if you prefer it to yellow or white gold, but all are available as they can be made up to order .

please feel free to enquire 01509 239348

rose gold ring by helen burrell

rose gold ring




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A New necklace commission-Ruby wedding gift


A ruby wedding gift rubyThis was a very special commission where I worked with my client to create a unique necklace for her with matching earrings for her ruby wedding, a gift from her husband.

The design expressed ideas based on her own paintings and her love of nature combined .

My thanks for their confidence in me, it was a lovely piece to make, diamonds were also set in the piece for accents of light and detail.

If you, like me, aspire to have something different when you want to celebrate an occasion both in choosing clothes and jewellery for it,- then commissioning  a statement piece may be just what you need to make it special and lasting.

My creations are timeless in design and are also investments being  wrought from  precious metals and set with precious stones.

All of my necklaces are different and designed especially for you ,

please feel free to enquire ,   you can call me on :- 01509 239348

I look forward to hearing from you soon


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diamond ring


A commissioned piece , created with new gold and my clients’ diamonds, reset into one of my new designs.

diamond ring with leaves

diamond ring with leaves

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silver bracelet – latest work

A Recent commission for a lady who loves Horses.

 Silver Bracelet

This  piece was based on a dressage horse, and the shapes of the links are indicative of the horses movements in the arena.

Created in silver, this is a one off original, but I can design pieces to reflect themes you enjoy too. please feel free to enquire.


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three beads ring

three bead ring

18ct gold set with a Ceylon sapphire and diamond

I go to St Ives at least once a year  on holiday and get inspired . New pieces are added to my ranges as time passes, this one was a commission, but can be recreated in different  precious metals and with your choice of stones , each piece is then still an original design.

three beads ring This one is to go into my ‘Garden’ range  on my new website which you can see at:-                                                                                                                   and has the feel of nature about it, which                                                                                           is reflecting walks I have had in Cornwall                                                                                           and the Lake district too.

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