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Jewellery to complement your life, by Helen Burrell

Life story necklace ©

This was a lovely commission to have been given, my client kindly trusted me with her family pieces of gold to transform into new details such as forget-me-not flowers, a rose, oak leaves and clover leaves. other features were a nestling rabbit, an owl flying, and an orange coloured citrine set as a feature stone to remind her of a special sunset………



I specialize in these necklaces and if you look on the ‘holistic jewellery and the ‘life story’ sections of the website you will see how different they all are. please contact me if you would like your story told in the form of a necklace or bracelet…
TEL:- 01509 239348

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Silver and Gold necklace -detail of the ‘Meditation’ story

This was a commissioned piece, all handmade by Helen Burrell©, which illustrates in a Silver and Gold necklace, details of a bird flying through an enchanted forest and fish swimming upstream.
The theme was taken from a meditation story related to me by my client.
Necklace illustrated below:-
My work is designed in a holistic way to both reflect the memories of the client and to combine precious family items into the work.


Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to commission a necklace illustrating your story, it could be about your life,
a special memory or a theme that is meaningful to you.

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Sea Breeze Necklace ©

Sea Breeze Necklace
designed and handmade by Helen Burrell©
This Necklace was commissioned as a memorial piece, -and is an original,

After consultation with my client we agreed I would present the wedding ring and engagement ring in a new way, so I designed this piece by reworking the rings into detailed features within the design.
The idea for the necklace was based on the form of blown waves in a high breeze, small beads catch the light, like sea spray, to give it extra sparkle,
a theme such as this, can inspire beautiful designs.

sea breeze necklace

18ct gold sea breeze necklace


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Waves Ring

Refashioned combination of four rings into one, using the diamonds from my client’s mothers engagement ring and her own.


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Unique necklaces, Holistic Jewellery

My approach to making jewellery is holistic, I have made a number of ‘Life story’ necklaces each one by its’ nature is unique, weaving into the piece information relevant to my client, in symbolic form. I am able to interpret special memories, or, in one case a meditation a lady had recalled, about walking through an Enchanted Forest.
If you would like your story told, I normally ask for a spider diagram of all the things that you consider important to you. I will sit with this diagram to come up with the most effective way of creating the reference to your ideas.

None of my work is made quickly so if you have a date in mind for it, at least two months notice would be required.

Prices will vary according to the amount of materials you supply and how much I will need to provide, plus the time spent on your special piece.
a guide price for one of my unique necklaces starts from £600.00

such as this example of a wire work design, each piece involves a lot of thought, from the design time through to creating and refining ideas so that the finished piece stands as a sculptural form, is comfortable to wear and reflects the brief I am given by my client. I have created pieces that have taken four months to produce and were priced accordingly some of these are illustrated below.:-

please feel free to enquire If you wish to work to a budget we can discuss designs that can be achieved to reflect this in the best possible way.

Examples of these necklaces are shown below.

Lifestory necklace 1

Lifestory Necklace 1

Lifestory Necklace 2

Lifestory Necklace 2

Lifestory Necklace 3

Lifestory Necklace 3

Meditation Story Necklace

Meditation Story Necklace

Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to order a unique holistic necklace.

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