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Reworking inherited jewellery to wear in memory of a loved one

Life story necklace © another ‘helen burrell’ original design

My clients Life Story necklace
As a follow on form my previous post my client has very kindly sent me this testimonial :-
‘I first met Helen and saw her beautiful jewellery on a visit to her shop at Melbourne.
I loved the idea of using some of the jewellery my Mum had left me which had sentimental value but was not to my own taste.
I decided to have a special necklace made and wanted it to be a symbolic representation of happy memories, family friends and even pets!
After discussing my own thoughts with my husband and grandson Joseph, I met with Helen to discuss how my ideas could be incorporated into a necklace.
Helen then produced a beautiful design, which was perfect.
I must admit I was nervous when the day arrived to collect it, but my nerves were needless.
My necklace is absolutely stunning, I was overwhelmed! it was gorgeous, it reminds me of my Mum and Dad and all things precious to me, and of course it is unique.
I know for sure my Mum would have loved it,
I’ve had a lovely , happy and positive experience thanks to Helen’s incredible talent, patience and her eye for detail.

I loved making it for you, and am thrilled that you love it too, thank you very much for the commission.

Life story necklace an original design by helen burrell

Life story necklace


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Diamond and gold ring, the multi-stone ring

This Diamond and gold ring was made to commission using my customers family gold( for the shank) and diamonds from her existing rings.
Designed and created by hand by Helen Burrell© the multi-stone ring

diamonds and gold the multi stone ring

diamonds and gold
the multi-stone ring

I have a seven stone varied version with the reference name of ‘multi stone’ which can be ordered in any metal with any stones set into it, please feel free to enquire. One in stock at present is silver set with beautiful pink sapphires and amethysts mixed to give a tonal change to the look of the ring when it moves on the hand . £450.00.I always use the same quality of stones in my silver rings as I do with the gold,- as many people prefer silver these days and deserve to still have the best stones to appreciate in the pieces.


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Sea Breeze Necklace ©

Sea Breeze Necklace
designed and handmade by Helen Burrell©
This Necklace was commissioned as a memorial piece, -and is an original,

After consultation with my client we agreed I would present the wedding ring and engagement ring in a new way, so I designed this piece by reworking the rings into detailed features within the design.
The idea for the necklace was based on the form of blown waves in a high breeze, small beads catch the light, like sea spray, to give it extra sparkle,
a theme such as this, can inspire beautiful designs.

sea breeze necklace

18ct gold sea breeze necklace


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Waves Ring

Refashioned combination of four rings into one, using the diamonds from my client’s mothers engagement ring and her own.


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Memorial Jewellery

This is another ‘before and after’ example of a necklace reworked into a memorial piece, based on all the things my client’s mother loved

She loved Brighton beach and Monet’s garden. The pearl was taken from the ring and put on to a fishing line. The emeralds were set on a beach effect like seaweed, and the white gold leaf ring was opened up as a symbol of land.

The wedding ring was rolled out to represent the rivulets down to the sea and the lily pads, and the eternity ring diamonds were set to symbolise the sparkles on the beach.

If you have inherited someone’s’ jewellery that you care for deeply, I can design you a memorial piece too.

Please feel free to discuss it with me but only when you feel you are really ready to do so.

Brighton Jewellery Collection

Brighton Jewellery Collection

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

Please telephone me on 01509 239348 or write to me if you would like to order an item of memorial jewellery.

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